2. General Troubleshooting Guide
  3. QuickBooks Desktop Error Messages

There is an invalid reference to QuickBooks Account

You must create accounts in QuickBooks


You are unable to create products in QuickBooks. This often happens with new company files that are used for testing purposes.


In QuickBooks, the create a new item form has required fields. The error means Connex has no value to enter. Here is an example:


Create accounts in QuickBooks

First, see what accounts are missing:

  1. Login to Connex.
  2. Click manage.
  3. Click chart of accounts.
  4. Note the drop downs that have missing values:
  5. In QuickBooks, press CTRL + A.
  6. Click account > new.
  7. Click income > continue.
  8. Call the account sales.
  9. Create another account.
  10. Under other account types, choose other current asset.
  11. Enter inventory asset at the name.
  12. Back on Connex, click update drop down lists.
  13. Run the web connector.
  14. Return to chart of accounts.
  15. Enter a value in all the drop downs.
  16. Click save.
  17. Resync your sale.