2. Connex Inventory Planner
  3. Getting Started with Connex Inventory Planner

What are the features of Connex Reporting?

A list of features


Are there report filters?

Yes, reports are filterable by selling channel and date. On each grid, you can selected columns to view.

Can I make custom reports?

You can export reports to spreadsheets and customize them.

Can I get notified?

Connex has a notifications module that alerts users of overstock, understock, sync failures or successes. Connex can send push notifications to users.

Connections and Settings

  1. Pair Amazon, Bigcommerce, Shopify, ShipStation, Square.
  2. Pair QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Desktop
  3. Run a manual sync of products or orders


  1. Sync with QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Desktop
  2. QuickBooks Desktop pulls the inventory summary, which lists the total quantity on hand and value of all inventory.
  3. Both QuickBooks syncs pull sales from QuickBooks and sync them with Connex.
  4. Both QuickBooks sync create or update existing products inside of Connex. This enables our tool to get COGS, average cost, and quantity on hand per item. 


  1. Total customers
  2. Total products
  3. Total orders
  4. Total dollar sales
  5. Total revenue vs. total profit
  6. Break even module shows how much to charge and when to break even, after expenses
  7. Recent orders


  1. All charts available as tables or charts
  2. Highest selling products
  3. Lowest selling products
  4. Best sellers compared to total revenue
  5. Most refunded products
  6. Highest selling category
  7. Lowest selling category
  8. Categorize products
  9. List of products that are sold individually or as kits
  10. Sync stock and pricing updates from Connex product list to various sales channels
  11. Create products in Connex and create them in Shopify. Other channels to follow in time.
  12. Product details shows units sold per month, product sales compared to overall sales and sales versus profit
  13. Product details shows a list of orders and refunds associated with the product.
  14. Product details shows total sales, total orders, and total profit for a product.
  15. Product details forecasts total dollar sales and units sold.


  1. All charts available as tables or charts
  2. Total customers
  3. Total returning customers
  4. Top selling customers
  5. Best customers
  6. View total orders per customer and total sales


  1. Total orders
  2. Total revenue
  3. Total orders by day
  4. Total revenue by day
  5. Orders per month per channel
  6. Total revenue by connection
  7. Total profit
  8. Total expenses
  9. Total number of orders
  10. Total number of refunds
  11. Total revenue
  12. Total profit
  13. Profitability by channel
  14. Least Profitable Orders
  15. Total refunds
  16. Total refunded revenue
  17. Total refunds by connection
  18. Refunded revenue by month
  19. Refunded revenue by weekday
  20. View a list of all orders downloaded


  1. Notify you of total revenue, total number of orders, total number of refunds, total refunds in dollars, total product units sold, total revenue in dollars.


  1. Top items by overstock
  2. Top items by understock
  3. High stock turnover
  4. Lowest stock turnover
  5. Planner module that shows safety stock, max sold per day, sales velocity, supply days remaining, forecast quantity sold, demand forecasting, days until next order, priority level, average lead time, stock turnover rate, value of SKUs sold, forecast COGS.
  6. Planner module shows total COGS of all products, potential sales of all products, potential profit and turnover rate.
  7. Turnover report shows total income, percent income, average price, quantity sold, total fees, COGS, and Gross Margin.
  8. Overstock and low inventory report shows sales velocity, quantity on hand and shows if items are over or understocked.


  1. Amazon fees summary
  2. Gross and COGS
  3. Amazon Commission and Total Revenue
  4. Shipping & Total Revenue
  5. FBA Fees & Total Revenue
  6. Total Fees & Revenue
  7. Amazon fees grid that outlines gross, units sold, COGS, shipping income, warehouse fees, Amazon commission, percent and total profit.