What is the QuickBooks Web Connector?

Information about the QuickBooks web connector. Created by Intuit, the QuickBooks web connector allows data to sync into QuickBooks desktop.

Is there a demo?

Here is the demo:

What is the QuickBooks Web Connector?

The QuickBooks Web Connector transfers data between QuickBooks and Connex for QuickBooks. The logic for formatting data comes from Connex.

Who built and maintains the QuickBooks Web Connector?

Intuit built and supports it. Connex, like other 3rd party developers, uses the QuickBooks Web Connector to transmit information to and from QuickBooks.

Does the web connector run, if my machine is off?

No, the QuickBooks Web Connector only runs if the machine is on and if the user that paired Connex is logged into the PC. If you use a remote desktop, you must ensure a user is logged into the PC 24/7. Otherwise, no syncing will occur.

If I have web connector issues, who do I contact?

We can provide support in terms of our knowledge base and common errors. For some issues, we will expedite your support case to Intuit. At times, IT issues and QuickBooks upgrades can cause your sync to fail.

If I use QuickBooks Online, do I need the QuickBooks Web Connector?

No, the tool is only necessary for QuickBooks Desktop. Can't find what you're looking for?