What is your scope of work?

What types of help our company will provide to customers

What is a scope of work?

The boundaries of how far our support can go to solve your technical issue.

What is outside your boundaries?

Here are examples of some boundaries:

  1. Creating and troubleshooting new rules. Our company will send guides on how to write rules and provide rules engine training. If there are questions about documentation or the documentation is unclear, our team will make adjustments.
  2. Providing support for discontinued integrations beyond our knowledge base and video library.
  3. Uninstalling and reinstalling the QuickBooks web connector for desktop users.
  4. Uninstalling and reinstalling QuickBooks desktop.
  5. Making changes within QuickBooks 
  6. Changing a user's firewall or antivirus software on their computer.
  7. Altering the source code of the user's website to make our sync work differently.
  8. Updating plug-in versions or changing website settings to make our sync work correctly. This includes security and caching plug-ins that can prevent our software from syncing.
  9. Supporting 3rd party plugins for selling channels. For example, a discount plugin for Shopify fails to sync discounts to QuickBooks.
  10. We make no guarantees that third-party plug-ins are compatible with our software. It is possible 3rd party plug-in will prevent the same from running or prevent or suffer from accurately syncing sales.
  11. Changing a user's system registry to pull logs.
  12. Pulling the QB SDK or QB XML logs from the users computer.
  13. Troubleshooting reasons why QuickBooks desktop crashes on the user's computer.
  14. Troubleshooting why the QuickBooks web connector crashes on a user's computer.
  15. Our support is limited to knowledge base articles, help with settings, help with rules covered in our knowledge base, and explaining our error log. 
  16. In a user selling channel or QuickBooks, changing customers or products to match.
  17. Altering settings in QuickBooks to make our sync work differently. We will provide step by step instructions in our knowledge base.
  18. Troubleshooting rules outside the list of common rules. If you wish to write a rule outside of our normal guides, you must troubleshoot them on your own.