What transaction types are supported with QuickBooks desktop?

Connex supports several transaction modes for QuickBooks Desktop. Learn what is available and the differences between the modes here.

What transaction modes with desktop versions of QuickBooks do you support and what is the difference between them?

Here are the modes:

  1. Invoices Only: Payments for invoices will NOT sync to QuickBooks, an open invoice will sync.
  2. Invoices with Payments: Orders are paid, if communicated by your ordering system. If the order is paid by PO, you will get an unpaid invoice.  Unpaid invoices will sync to QuickBooks. Payments made at a later date from your ordering system will mark the open invoice in QuickBooks as 'paid'.
  3. Sales Orders (only available in QuickBooks Desktop Premier and Enterprise versions Not available in QuickBooks Online): Sales orders track the order before it is ready for delivery/billing to the customer. Pick lists, packing slips, shipping labels and invoices can be created using the Sales Order in QuickBooks. Sales Orders are non-posting and not included in income. Sales Orders also not decrement inventory levels. 
  4. Sales Receipts: These are fully paid orders. It's the equivalent of buying groceries from a grocery store and receiving a receipt.
  5. Credit Memo/Refund Receipt: Connex can sync refunds as credit memos or refund receipts. For more detailed information about how Connex handles refunds, please take a look at our help article: How Does Connex Handle Refunds?

Can I sync a sales order and invoice at the same time?

Yes, select sales orders and invoices from the transaction type drop down. Both the sales order and invoice will have the same number. If you check use QuickBooks numbering, Connex will use the next number from QuickBooks instead of the order number.

Can I close a sales order using an invoice?

If you select sales orders, invoices, and payments, Connex will create a invoice that closes the associated sales order. By default, the invoice is created at the time of sale. In this example, we will use Shopify. The user wishes to import sales when they arrive and again when they ship. Connex will locate the duplicate sales order and skip adding it. To delay creating the invoice until the order reaches a certain status, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Connex rules engine.
  2. To wait for invoices to reach fulfilled status, create this rule.
  3. Go to the Connex my connections page.
  4. Click configure.
  5. Expand the first section.
  6. In the order status field, enter fulfilled and paid.

Can I sync a sales order, invoice, and a PO at the same time?

Many ordering solutions only send orders. If your products have a default vendor and purchase cost, Connex can use those values to create a PO for each order. If the order has more than one product and each product has a separate vendor, Connex will create two separate purchase orders.