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Why am I missing historical sales?

Common reasons for missing historical orders in QuickBooks, and how to resolve the issue.


Orders from several months ago are missing from QuickBooks and you just realize it. You log into Connex and check the log. It only shows seven days of activity.


There are many reasons why orders fail to sync:

  • You changed an account in QuickBooks. Our software needs this account to sync new orders.
  • Items are mismatched between QuickBooks and your online store. If items are missing, then the sync will fail.
  • Orders have different dates or different customers than you expect.
  • Your QuickBooks Web Connector fails to run automatically. Therefore, some sync dates are missing.
  • You ran a manual sync and skipped today's sales.


Here are some solutions:

  • Since the Connex log shows the last week, resync your orders. This will show issues with missing items and accounts. Log into Connex. Scroll down to errors.
  • In QuickBooks, press CTRL + F. Select the transaction type and enter the order number. If that fails, log into QuickBooks. Click customers and customer center. Click transactions. Choose the proper transaction type. Search for an order.
  • To ensure you auto sync, read this guide.
  • If you manually sync, resync today's sales after the sync has completed. No duplicates will occur.