Why does QuickBooks say unspecified site?

You need to map an inventory site


You are unable to map the inventory site field in QuickBooks.


On a QuickBooks sale, QuickBooks says unspecified site in the site drop down:


Map an inventory site using a setting or a rule

You are sending no value to the site field. You can enter a default site and use a rule. You could say if the order tag is Boston, then map Boston as the site.


Connex will only sync a site, if it already exists. If you mapped the field and you are syncing as a non-admin, ensure you have the proper permissions:

  1. In QuickBooks, go to company > users > set up users and role.
  2. Locate the role for the user that is signed into QuickBooks.
  3. Go to lists > inventory site site.
  4. Click full:


Ensure the inventory site in QuickBooks that you mapped exists

If you added a rule, to go the rules engine. Ensure the rule maps to a site that exists. In this example, the rule maps the site to Amazon FBA and the site Amazon FBA is missing from QuickBooks: