Why is my order total different in QuickBooks?

Connex tries to balance the sale by adding a line item called "rounding"


In some cases, the order total and the QuickBooks total are different. These cases include tax rounding and bundled items. To balance the sale, our software adds or removes an amount on the order.

my tax is a penny ($0.01) different.

  • In this case, Connex will add or remove the penny from the sale.
  • QuickBooks rounds to two decimal places, but some e-commerce solutions round to more than two places.

I used bundled items and I see an item called rounding.

A bundled item's price is the sum of its items and it has no price. In this example, the sum of the bundle's price is $209.97. There is a $34.98 discrepancy:

Here is the order from Bigcommerce:


  1. Change Prices
    Change the unit prices of the bundle sub items in QuickBooks to match the price on your site. The price of a bundle is the sum of items items. In this example, open UHMB-15 and subtract 34.98 from the unit price.
  2. Switch Type
    You could switch from bundles to inventory items. The price of those items matches the price from your store. In QuickBooks, open the bundled item in products and services. Change the SKU and item name. Create a new inventory item.