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WooCommerce: There was an error syncing with your website

This error commonly is tied to a 3rd party plugin issue or security plugin conflict

Example of Error:

"Newtonsoft.Json.JsonReaderException: Unexpected character encountered while parsing value: <. Path ", line 0, position 0. at Newtonsoft.Json.JsonTextRead.erParseValue()..."

What does this mean?

Connex is attempting to pull orders from your WooCommerce and a particular security plugin or 3rd party application on your WooCommerce platform is keeping us from doing so.

How can I resolve?

  1. On your security plugins, whitelist the Connex IP Address
  2. Remove 3rd party applications if necessary (Connex does not troubleshoot 3rd party plugins or applications. For more info, view our Support Scope Of Work )
  3. If all else fails, we recommend integrating with ShipStation directly, or adding your WooCommerce connection to an existing ShipStation integration, and pairing that with Connex (Getting Started with ShipStation)