Can I manually upload Amazon settlement reports?

At times, you might need to upload the report manually

Connex downloads reports using the Amazon report available date. Usually, the report available date is the day before the Amazon deposit. At times, the date can be different. If a specific report cannot be located, then you can upload the report manually to Connex:

  1. Login to Amazon Seller Central.
  2. On top, click reports and click payments.
  3. Click the all statements tab.
  4. Using the date range, adjust the range until you see the correct report.
  5. Make sure download XML is available next to the report.
  6. Under a report, click download XML and save the report with an extension of .xml: 
  7. Login to Connex.
  8. On your dashboard, click Manual Sync on the Amazon Settlement Connection(Can be normal Amazon Connection if you are set to sync summary payout)
  9. A window will appear with 2 options, sync using report end date or manually upload a file. Try using report end date, if that did not work please use option 2 and click "Select files".
  10. A window will appear, please choose the download XML file from Amazon and click "Open" then click "Sync now".
  11. You are redirected to the complete page. If you use QuickBooks Desktop, run your web connector.