Connex for QuickBooks Release Notes

Our release history for Connex for QuickBooks

Connex for QuickBooks publishes an update every two weeks starting January 2, 2024. Here are a list of bug fixes and recent changes.


Feb 5th, 2024


  1. Updated WooCommerce to .NET 7.
  2. Fixed issue where customers with single quotes in the name causes a sync failure for QuickBooks Online users.
  3. Removed QuickBooks POS integration, since it is no longer used by our customers and QuickBooks discontinued support.
  4. Product tours for product mapping page.
  5. Moved sync dates from order setting > manual sync to advanced > misc settings.
  6. Rename manual sync to filter settings.
  7. Updated Shopify to .NET 7 and removed HttpWebRequest.
  8. WooCommerce now shows payment methods.

Bug Fixes

  1. Connex fails to properly create products for QB Online users, if SKU selected as the product match field.
  2. When users buy Connex, they see the pricing page instead of a purchase success page.
  3. WooCommerce fails to map currency code and exchange rates for sales receipts.
  4. Shopify fails to map discounts for multi-currency users.
  5. Users can properly install our app from the Shopify app store.
  6. If the user set the sync timers back a month, the sync timers never reset to today's date. Connex kept reimporting the same sales, which causes the order count to report higher number of sales.

January 15th, 2024

Bug fixes

  1. Users cannot pair a new Amazon account.
  2. Added fulfillment channel to Shopify for rules engine.
  3. Amazon orders show no address, if store name or single name customer selected.
  4. Users cannot update their Amazon pairing with Connex. This causes authentication failed.
  5. Fixes for Amazon sync authentication failed.
  6. If product has no SKU, then Connex fails to create a product in QuickBooks Online.
  7. Logs were not sorted by date.

January 2nd, 2024

What's new

  1. Improved performance for Amazon sync. Pull more orders faster and more reliably.
  2. Price levels are now set by rules.
  3. Back up and restore is now on the top nav. Users can restore connections, if they are deleted.
  4. Product tour on dashboard.
  5. New support form provides help guides, if you choose a category.
  6. Better support for syncing large numbers of Amazon sales.

Bug Fixes

  1. Sync timers fail to reset properly and users resync older sales.
  2. Connex inaccurately reports how many sales you synced. Your account is overcharged.
  3. Amazon users can now sync inventory changes from QuickBooks to Amazon.
  4. Manual sync for summary sales fails, due to UI issue with dates.