Error: Authentication Failed, Web Connector

If the method fails to authenticate, the Web Connector will return an authentication failed message to the Web Connector.


When the QuickBooks Web Connector runs, there is step called "authenticate." The method's purpose is to validate the account and connection information before Connex can begin syncing order data. If the method fails to authenticate, the Web Connector will return an authentication failed message to the Web Connector.


If either the Connex account or integration information cannot be authenticated when the Web Connector is run, the Web Connector will return an Authentication failed error message.

This can occur due to any number of reasons including, but not limited to:

  • poor internet connection
  • the target website is offline
  • sync date range issue (too many orders for the Web Connector to handle)
  • integration credentials are incorrect.

Within the Web Connector, beneath the red Authentication failed error message, click the blue hyperlink that says "Click for more information". This will launch the Web Connector log and allow for greater explanation as to what is happening. If you're unsure, copy + paste this message into a Notepad file and contact us.


Website URL changed

Shopify and ShipStation users should skip to the next step.

Did you recently change your website URL or create a redirect? If your site was http and you redirected all pages to https, then the sync would fail. Change the URL on file.

Sync Dates

Please watch this demo:

Beneath authentication failed, there is a blue link. Click the link to see the details. If the message says timeout, shorten your sync dates:

  1. If Connex fails to receive the orders in two minutes, the sync will fail. Your query dates are too far apart. Login to Connex. Under manually sync an existing connection,                                          adjust the dates to a 24 hour range:
  2. If you are syncing historically, login to Connex and click configure. Scroll down to advanced transaction. On the bottom, check insert orders in bulk. Wait fifteen minutes. Connex will queue the sales in the background. Turn off this feature, when you are done.

Website Offline

If the message says 404, confirm you have an internet connection and visit your website.

E-Commerce Pairing Failure

Connex checks if your credentials to your selling channel allow us to sync. This error could mean the credentials need to be updated. Log into Connex. Click log on the left. Here is an example with Shopify:

Deleted Connection

If you changed the URL of your website or deleted the connection, the sync will fail. To update your pairing file, follow these steps:

  1. Open QuickBooks and login as admin.
  2. Open your web connector.
  3. Click remove.
  4. Login to Connex.
  5. Under pair on another machine, choose your connection.
  6. Click submit.
  7. Double click the pairing file.


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