Getting Started: Mapping One Field to Another With Condition

How to map fields with a condition


You may want to map two fields, if a condition is met. For example, many customers want to map an order's ship date as the QuickBooks order date. Connex uses order date and order number to check for duplicates in some cases. In this case, you only want to map the ship date for certain sales.

How is this different than mapping a field, based on a condition?

This rule maps two fields that already exist. Map an order's ship date to the order date. For the write my first rule guide, an example is if SKU 10001 then the QuickBooks item name is TestInventory.

How do I map one field to another, if a condition is met?

In this example, we will map the ship date as the order date if the sale is not from QuickBooks. Here are the steps:

  1. Go to the rules engine.
  2. Click add rule.
  3. Choose map field with condition.
  4. As the action, enter map order date.
  5. As the rules, enter these values:
    1. Ship Date as the field, map all as the comparison, and the conjunction AND.
    2. Selling channel name as the field, is not as the comparison, and the conjunction AND.
  6. In the what should this value field, leave it blank.
  7. Click submit to save the rule.

The first rule maps the ship date as the order date. Next, the comparison is checked. If the comparison fails, then the rule fails and no changes happen.

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