Getting Started: Product Matching

An overview on how Connex matches products

What field in my selling channel product can I use to match QuickBooks?

Connex can only match your product SKU to QuickBooks. Connex can match many fields in QuickBooks to your selling channel. They include the QuickBooks item name, QuickBooks Online SKU, QuickBooks Desktop manufacturer part number and the QuickBooks Desktop barcode.

How do you recommend matching products?

Here are our recommendations:

  1. QuickBooks item name is the best option. QuickBooks will allow no two products with the same item name.
  2. All products must have a SKU. In your selling channel, pull a list of products with no SKU. In the SKU field, enter the matching product in QuickBooks. If you match SKU to QuickBooks item name, then enter the QuickBooks item name.
  3. Unless they are non-inventory items, instruct Connex to make no new products. You can enable non-inventory under settings > order setting > advanced. Connex will make inventory items with a negative quantity on hand. QuickBooks will fail to record COGS, which means your business pays higher taxes.
  4. Ensure a field in QuickBooks and the selling channel SKU match. Ensure all of your products in QuickBooks and the selling channel match. Otherwise, Connex will ask you to match them.
  5. Ensure all products in your selling channel exist in QuickBooks, if you sell inventory items. 

    Connex should never create inventory items. They enter QuickBooks with zero quantity on hand and then show negative. This means QuickBooks fails to record COGS and inventory asset. You will end up paying taxes on the money used to purchase inventory.

Can Connex log errors and stop creating products, if orders are missing?

Connex can stop syncing orders, if products are mismatched. For more details, read this guide.