Getting Started with Amazon: How to sync payouts as a summary sale

Connex will create a single Summary Sales Receipt or Summary Invoice in QuickBooks from your Amazon Settlement Report. 

What are the advantages and disadvantages?

There are many advantages:

  1. You sync one order per settlement report, instead of several hundred individual customer invoices or sales receipts.
  2. Connex adds the Amazon fees.
  3. It's easier to reconcile and it makes QuickBooks cleaner.

Here are the disadvantages:

  1. You cannot track sales by customer, since you only have a single order in QuickBooks.
  2. The sync runs bi-monthly, so you can't see your sales reporting until the next settlement report.

How to I set up the Connex account settings to sync the Amazon Settlement Report to QuickBooks?

The steps to set-up the settlement report are the same as setting up the Amazon sync:

  1. If you do not have an existing Amazon connection, click add selling channel on our dashboard. Choose Amazon and go through the wizard. Right now, the settings must be done outside of the wizard. Just click submit, once you see the install wizard.
  2. Click settings.
  3. Choose Amazon.
  4. Under customer settings, enter single name as the mode. Enter Amazon summary as the customer:
  5. Choose order setting > sync orders to QuickBooks.
  6. Choose summary payout as the transaction mode. 
  7. Under order setting > merchant fee, enter an item name for the merchant fees.
  8. Under order setting > advanced, choose how to group sales.
    1. You can group sales by order date month if you have sales in October and November on a Amazon payout. Connex will create two sales in QuickBooks. Otherwise, choose payment method as the group. Connex will create one sale for the entire payout.
    2. You can add refunds to the summary sale as negative quantities or add a separate refund in QuickBooks. Here is a sales receipt in QuickBooks where refunded items exist:

Where are sales synced in QuickBooks?

Sales are synced under the Amazon summary customer, which Connex will create:

How does your software locate reports?

Our software uses the end date of the report period. The end date is usually one - two days before the deposit.

How far back can I set the sync dates?

Amazon only allows reports available in the last ninety days, using a date sync. If you require older sales, upload the reports manually.  You can upload reports manually one at time through Connex.

What does a sample order look like?

Here is a settlement report in QuickBooks and its credit memo. Here is a sales receipt and a credit memo:

Here is an example of the credit memo and sales receipt that are merged.