Getting Started: How do notifications work?

A guide on using the Connex notification system


Connex Inventory Planner can send you a notification, if a financial event happens or if your products are over or understocked. 

What do notifications look like?

Click the bell icon to see notifications. Connex will send you notifications, even if you are signed out of the planner.

How do I configure notifications?

Here are the steps:

  1. Log into Connex.
  2. Click settings.
  3. Select a connection.
  4. Choose notifications.
  5. Turn them on or off:

How do low and overstocked inventory work?

Our software pulls the inventory planner report. Connex compares the days supply to the product lead time. Based on the difference, Connex sends a notification. To configure those notifications, follow these steps:

  1. To the settings page of Connex and choose a channel.
  2. Click inventory notifications.
  3. The first field pulls the inventory planner report, based on a date range. Enter 90 days. Connex will pull orders from the last 90 days to make the report.
  4. In the overstock field, enter 100. This means if your days supply plus 100 is less than the product lead time, Connex sends a notification.
  5. In the understock field, enter 7. This means if your days supply plus 7 is more than the product lead time, Connex sends a notification.

What kind of notifications will I receive?

The seller will get the following types of notifications:

Goals Achieved Purpose To inform the seller when predefined goals have been achieved.
Logic Trigger this notification when the goal set by the seller has been achieved
Template  Goal "Goal Name" has been achieved
Goal Amount:
Inventory Update:
Low Stock Alert

To alert the seller when the stock levels of a product meet the custom lead time value

Logic A notification will trigger when the quantity of a product falls below a predefined threshold, i.e. custom lead time, indicating a need for reordering or restocking.
Template Restock this product "Product ID"
Product Sync Failed i.e. error log Purpose

To notify the seller when there is an issue with syncing product data.

Logic Trigger this notification when there is an error or failure during the process of synchronizing the product.
Template Getting error while synchronizing this product "Product ID"
Product Sync Successful Purpose To confirm that the synchronization of product data with the selling channel was completed successfully.
Logic Send this notification when the product data synchronization process runs without errors, ensuring that all product information is up-to-date across systems.
Template "Product Synchronization is successful for "channel name."
On Product Refund Purpose To notify the seller about a product refund request.
Logic Trigger this notification when a customer requests a product refund.
Template Customer has initiated refund request for Product #product ID. 
Total Orders Count
Purpose To provide regular updates on the total number of orders processed.
Logic Periodically (custom-level), send this notification to provide insights into the overall order count, helping sellers monitor business performance.
Template Today we have processed #totalno.oforders for "selling channel name".

There will be a ‘mark as all read’ button, on clicking, all notifications will be indicated as read.

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