How does auto sync work with QuickBooks Online?

Tips to optimize your sync

How does auto syncing from my selling channel to QuickBooks Online work?

If your sync interval is 86400 seconds (daily), auto sync runs at 5:45 AM UTC each day. If your auto sync fails and your interval is not 86400, please contact us. We cannot guarantee auto sync will pull all sales, if the interval is less than daily.

What time zone does Connex use?

Connex brings in sales from 12 AM - 11:59 PM yesterday on UTC time. If you are a ShipStation user, we use Pacific Standard Time. If the date was December 16, then Connex pulls in sales from 12 AM - 11:59 PM on Dec. 15. 

Here is a ShipStation account whose task will run on 12/16/2023 5:45 AM UTC:

How do I see the tasks?

Connex creates scheduled tasks. You can go to settings > scheduled tasks to turn them on or off:

How does auto syncing from QuickBooks to my selling channel work?

Usually every 15 minutes the sync will run. Check your scheduled tasks for more info.

Can I sync more often?

Yes, you can run a manual sync. For more info, read this guide.