How do fields map when syncing orders from QuickBooks to ShipStation

A field mapping diagram

How do fields map?

Here is a list:

  1. QuickBooks item matches to the ShipStation SKU. If you map the QuickBooks barcode to manufacturer part number to the ShipStation SKU, then these fields will appear on the sale. Otherwise, barcode and manufacturer part number have no mapping.
  2. QuickBooks Description matches to the ShipStation item description.
  3. The QuickBooks sold to maps to the ShipStation ship from address.
  4. The QuickBooks ship to maps to the ShipStation ship to address.
  5. The QuickBooks memo field maps to the ShipStation private notes field.
  6. The QuickBooks date fields maps to the ShipStation date address.
  7. The sale no. matches to the ShipStation order number field.
  8. Unit of measure maps to the ShipStation order item custom fields.
  9. Bin and site map to the ShipStation order item custom fields.

How do shipping details map?

Connex will map the Quickbooks "Sold to" to the Shipstation "Ship from" Here's an example.
Quickbooks: "Sold to"


Shipstation: "Ship from"


There are two ways to map shipping details: by the rule, custom field, and by the value custom field.

To map a custom field: read this guide.
To map the value custom field: read this guide.

How do custom fields map?

Connex will map QuickBooks order and line item custom fields to ShipStation. Here is an example:

The field called telephone is a custom field in QuickBooks. We can map telephone to custom field 1, 2, or 3:

The fields site, bin and order item custom fields appear on the line item: